Every 10 years, the County Council districts are redrawn

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Havre de Grace Mayor William Martin and Aberdeen Mayor Patrick McGrady ask for your support in signing the petition to support the Fair Maps for Harford County. Scroll down to sign!


Our County Council districts should be drawn based on fair-minded, good-government goals, not incumbent-protection or feathering the nest of political party cronies. 


There should be no funny business like using railroads or waterways to gerrymander districts. The districts should be true to the natural and physical boundaries.


Each of the 6 County Council districts needs to have ~42,000 people in them to be equal. The districts should be as geographically small as possible so we there so our interests are more aligned.


Dave’s Redistricting App is a great tool that allows ANYBODY to work with redistricting ideas. This free tool is used by the Harford County Redistricting Commission, and it is the same tool that we used to build this map.

In Harford County, there are 6 County Council districts– each of them should be of approximately the same population. After the 2020 Census results were returned to Harford County, it appears that there should be approximately 43,000 individual residents of each district. 

Havre de Grace and Aberdeen Map proposalon Dave’s Redistricting App 

Current Harford MAP on Dave’s Redistricting App

And this is the link to the website of the Harford County Redistricting Commission: Councilmanic Redistricting Commission   | Harford County, MD (harfordcountymd.gov)